The GoPro, "perfect for the amateur filmmaker"

An engineer working in heavy chemicals, I often have to inspect machines that are dangerous or difficult to access.A GoPro attached to the end of a telescopic handle allows me to reach every nook and cranny of an installation, where the human eye can not go.Its waterproof housing makes it resistant to chemical attacks and especially dust, very harmful for ordinary cameras.Its main flaw is the low capacity of its battery, which does not allow a full day of use.

GoPro marketing is only based on the practice of extreme sports and not at all on professional use, although the latter is often more technically demanding: high temperatures, corrosive fluids, shocks with moving machines ...This camera is a great way to observe up close, without danger.Obviously, a commercial with tanned surfers is more attractive than technicians in coveralls ...

An amateur surfer since my teenage years, I have often had difficulty improving some of my positions.Surfing is indeed a particularly technically demanding sport and the slightest fault causes a loss of balance.The use of the GoPro allows me to cold viewing my way of taking the waves and correcting myself It's one thing to have someone close to you to advise you, it's another to visualize what they're talking about! Beyond its educational use, the GoPro also allows to immortalize good memories, as well as heavenly places.

Posted Date: 2020-11-17

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