If you have already practiced 2-stroke rental karting, you have a little idea about the equipment.

Observe first of all, in the pits of a departmental track, the different kartings used, don’t be embarrassed to ask the drivers about their equipment, they are not stingy with comments, unless they are in trouble with problems, indeed, it happens. If you want to buy a new kart, try to find out about the different dealers in the area and especially those who are most present on the circuit.The same applies if you buy a second-hand kart from a professional.Some basic information to assess the general condition of a kartCheck if the chassis has been repainted.The state of cleanliness of the assembly; this is generally a good point on the maintenance of the equipment.Check the condition of the rear shaft, spindles, bearings, by rotating each element, this will allow you to see if there is any sail, or bearing growling.Look at the underside of the chassis to check that it has not suffered too much from possible runouts.To check that the chassis is not twisted, put it on the ground, turn the wheels to the right, and raise the distance between the ground and the axis of the left wheel, turn the wheels to the left, and raise the distance between the ground and the axis of the right wheel, the slope must be the same. Check the brake system, first inspecting the condition of the disc(s), wear of the brake pads, depress the brake pedal several times to see the efficiency and if there is no brake fluid leakage.Check the condition of the spoiler and pontoons (especially their welded fixings) as well as the chain guard, disc guard and underride bar.Check the condition of the tires, steering wheel lining, and bucket seat.Remove the spark plug and rotate the rear shaft while listening to the engine to check for abnormal noise.Concerning the engine, you should ask :The date of the last overhaul of the top and bottom engine.Changed partsCylinder dimension and how many possibilities are left for reboresThe condition of the carburettor, to know if the diaphragms are new or already old.Ask for an engine startup, this allows you to check the braking and its operation. https://sugarriverraceway.com/used-go-karts-for-sale/

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